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The Monthly bulletin (May 2022)

The Monthly bulletin (May 2022)
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The Monthly bulletin (May 2022)

At the international level, a recession in the world economy is predicted for the year 2022, mainly due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The economic damage caused by this conflict will contribute to a decline in global economic activity and upward pressure on price levels. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), this stagflation is expected to continue until early 2023.

- The pressure on food and energy prices caused by the crisis in Ukraine is expected to contribute strongly to accelerating inflation. The resulting inflationary spiral has eroded consumers' real income, particularly in an environment where fiscal support to alleviate the impact of rising oil and food prices is limited. Thus, central banks will need to aggressively adjust policy to ensure that inflation expectations are anchored over the medium to long term...

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